A Public Sector ISV Modernizes Customer Experience to Drive Sales​

Case Study

A Public Sector ISV Modernizes Customer Experience to Drive Sales​

The solution delivers a modern user experience without changing the underlying legacy architecture.​


The client is a leading provider of software solutions to Federal and State governments. 90% of federal courts in the United States use their jury management solution. ​


The client wanted to refresh the experience layer to deliver a modern experience (responsive design) and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The current system had an outdated front end, making it harder for the sales teams to sell the product.


We applied our Connected Framework. It started with the discovery phase, during which Ness and the client understood the scope of the project, usage context, user compliance needs, and who the business stakeholders are, followed by an envision phase, where we mapped the insights to create a tangible prototype, which was refined based on user feedback, engineering the final front end.​


Rather than delivering a tactical solution, the Ness team delivered a modern reusable visual identity. This approach solved compliance mandates with little to no changes to the legacy layer. With a modern user experience, the solution helped the sales teams position a modern solution.​