Progressive Web Apps: Are they the app model of the future?

In today’s digitally connected world, most companies need mobile-friendly websites. Until recently, businesses had a limited number of options – each with several pros and cons. Today there’s a new trend that utilizes the technology of both mobile web browsing and mobile applications. It’s called a Progressive Web App, or PWA.

Daniel Masarik, Development Lead at Ness Digital Engineering, has authored a column for CMS Wire, titled “Time to Be Bullish on Progressive Web Apps.” This insightful article delineates what PWAs are and why they’re the next big thing. It has been a topic of considerable interest recently, since it uses modern web capabilities to behave more like an app and can be used in any kind of device – desktop, mobile, tablet, and enables a better user experience if the browser can support it. Daniel also reveals some interesting features that qualify a web app for entry into the PWA league.

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