Intelligent Engineering

Meet continually evolving user needs with flexibility without affecting quality.
We offer engineering transformation services using automation to accelerate software engineering processes.
Our services are focused on improving the overall engineering maturity so that you can get solutions to market faster, enhance the quality of products, and gain more time for innovation to keep up with today’s speed of business.

Center of Excellence

Teaneck, New Jersey

Ness - Teaneck New Jersey

Matrix platform for monitoring productivity, velocity, and quality of software engineering pods

Proprietary platform


Matrix platform available for all clients as a part of our standard Intelligent Engineering Center (IEC) as an investment in continuous improvement, currently covering most major clients using our IECs

Standard availability of our offerings


Integrated engineering maturity assessment methods and tools based on Matrix data and engineering process assessments to conduct periodic check-ins to drive continuous improvement

Proprietary maturity assessment framework


Matrix platform with out-of-the-box integrations with industry-leading development tools (e.g., JIRA, GitHub, Azure DevOps, etc.) for secure data collection and rapid onboarding of new clients

Secure implementations across diverse environments




Sustained Engineering

Due to uncertain economic conditions and global interest rates impacting the cost of capital, customers are looking to conserve budgets.
However, customers are still looking for ways to efficiently sustain their existing products until their end of life to retain revenue and support business.
Ness can enable shifting your IT budget, reduce OPEX cost and drive productivity gains with committed outcomes by letting us implement sustained engineering methodologies to manage your existing products more efficiently through better processes, automation, tools, and AIOps.
We manage ongoing product sustenance from support (L1, L2, L3, L4) through the end of life, including lifecycle management, incremental enhancements, support, and infrastructure management.


Intelligent DevOps Automation

DevOps automation is an important capability for accelerated software delivery and directly impacts your competitiveness. Transform your DevOps model using Ness’s 3-step DevOps Automation approach.
We start by benchmarking your existing DevOps processes and tools using our proprietary maturity model.
We then provide DevOps improvement recommendations in Continuous Integration, Continuous Build, TDD, Unit Testing, Source Code Management, Security, Release Management, Continuous Deployment, etc.
Next, we work with you to pilot the DevOps automation recommendations for a couple of applications and then scale the operating model to other applications across the organization.


Intelligent Engineering Accelerators (Matrix)

MATRIX is an application accelerator and data-driven engineering performance management platform for transparency and control in productivity, quality, and predictability through the development lifecycle.
MATRIX uses data to make informed decisions and improve the team’s engineering maturity using automated root causes and hotspots, providing actionable insights and intelligent recommendations.
It provides greater visibility into projects through productivity, quality, and DevOps metrics.
The platform seamlessly integrates with your existing tools to extract relevant data for tracking, visualize engineering KPIs, and predict project performance using Machine Learning (ML).
PLUGGABLE – Ness Pluggable DevSecOps Self-Service Portal is an end-to-end, self-service DevSecOps framework that integrates best-of-breed automation tools with intuitive drag-and-drop capabilities to design CI/CD pipelines with auto-written YAML files.
This accelerator enables teams to fast-track CI/CD setup in minutes. The accelerator can be easily configured and modified based on different customer needs, which helps overall DevOps adoption at scale.


Intelligent Engineering Center (IEC)

Speed to market for products and product features requires a partner with in-depth experience in intelligent automation and product engineering with the maturity in processes and tools to drive increased reliability in delivering product roadmaps.
Ness’s Intelligent Engineering Center (IEC) offers a digital-native, agile pod-based mature product engineering services team deeply embedded in the product management culture.
IEC is a dedicated, co-branded development center that is focused on driving digital transformation by leveraging modern engineering practices and Ness’s tools, such as Matrix, PLUGGABLE, Intelligent Test Automation, and engineering maturity assessments.
Our IEC can accelerate your product time-to-market needs through a high-velocity delivery engine.
IEC is built on the foundation that dedicated development teams are functionally and culturally aligned with our client’s organization.


Engineering Transformation Advisory

Organizations must behave and operate like technology companies to stay competitive.

A crucial part of this transformation is to build a mature engineering organization that follows modern engineering practices and leverages automation tools and optimal agile processes.

Our transformation methodology leverages an iterative approach which enables teams to move up the maturity curve quickly.

We conduct engineering maturity assessments to help modernize your engineering model holistically, which cuts across the entire building blocks of the entire product delivery life cycle from a process and tools perspective in Agile, DevOps, Testing by using automation, and beyond to support your digital transformation journey.


Innovation On Demand (IoD)

Why buy expensive start-ups in technology innovation if you could eliminate the internal barriers to in-house innovation?
Innovation on Demand provides “Innovation Lab as a Service” that enables customers to experiment and validate new ideas, accelerating speed-to-market through rapid prototyping and new MVP product launches.
It is the ultimate showcase of thinking, insight, and collaboration to inspire new avenues of possibility.


Intelligent Test Automation

Testing is an essential part of software development but is often manual and prone to error, resulting in poor quality and lower release velocity.

Transform your testing strategy through intelligent test automation using Ness’s 3-step approach.

We start by examining your current state and provide recommendations to improve your test automation maturity in regression testing, unit testing, and security testing.

Next, we pilot the recommendations to establish a core intelligent automation testing framework to scale the operating model to other applications across the organization.

Our Work in Action

Digital Practice Case Studies

The client partners with state and local officials (Government Records Management, Justice, Finance & Tax, Unclaimed Property, etc.) to boost revenue, optimize operations, and deepen community trust. ​

The client is a Crown agency of the Government of Ontario, with a transit system that improves the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas.​​

The client is one of the industry's broadest commerce ecosystems for the world's biggest brands and a leading provider of trusted content to mobilize product content and reach buyers in a new way.​


Our Work in Action

Digital Practice Case Studies

The client partners with state and local officials (Government Records Management, Justice, Finance & Tax, Unclaimed Property, etc.) to boost revenue, optimize operations, and deepen community trust. ​


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