Experience Design

We maximize the return on your heavy engineering investments through innovative design optimized for competitive advantage. Our experience design teams transform strategic engineering choices around data, automation, omnichannel integration, and ecosystem unification into cohesive experiences that intelligently engage consumers.

Our Experience Design Offerings

Experience Design Built for the Enterprise.

CX Unification

In the new digital landscape, the most significant opportunities are found in joining distinct but related services into singular user journeys. Ness provides the expertise to identify logical and physical service ecosystems, connect them with a unification backend, and develop a unified digital touchpoint that guides your customers through a complete and cohesive experience.

Advanced Data Experience

Modern enterprises succeed based on their ability to make meaningful use of the data available to them. Coping with the volume, timeliness, and insights of data at rest and in motion is a well-understood challenge that our Data Practice excels at. Our XD Practice helps enterprises garner the return on their data investments by focusing on the human experience and enablement (for internal users and external clients).

Experience Modernization

Ambitious digital products with user journeys of great breadth are often less dependent on completely new services than the reuse, recombination, and redeployment of existing technology assets. Ness specializes in the creation of novel user experiences without re-engineering legacy backends. We maximize current capabilities and redefine what is possible within a set of constraints.

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