Experience Design

Bringing together the design thinking of a digital agency, the Lean-Agile delivery of a modern technology powerhouse, and a user-centric approach allows us to humanize your brand and create meaningful experiences, ultimately increasing retention and revenue.

Ness Expands Full-Lifecycle Cloud Offerings with Risk Focus Acquisition

Our Offerings

Integrating Art & Science to Create Digital Experiences.

Product & Service Design

Orchestrating, through a holistic, user-centric approach, the interaction of people, artifacts, processes, and infrastructure into a cohesive digital services system equipped with continuous iterations and rapid prototyping for accelerated innovation designed to optimize business value while providing breakthrough experiences.

Human-Centered Research

Conducting the systematic investigation of your customers to discover their needs, wants, and pain points, benchmarked against market trends and client value propositions. Creating these reliable personas and journey maps coupled with user testing validates strategy and provides comprehensive context and insight to the design process.

Web & Mobile Development

Incorporating new designs and technologies enabling you to reengage your audience while improving responsiveness and making updating easier. Our Web & Mobile Development expertise will help develop captivating experiences by either building new or refreshing your existing presence.

UX & UI Design

Reaching users at the right place and time by producing secure, seamless, and personalized digital experiences designed to enhance influence, exceed continually rising digital expectations, and optimize engagement across all channels and screen types while maintaining consistent branding.

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