Publishing an API to APIX.Hub™

APIs can be published when APIX.XL™ is connected with APIX.Hub™. The following steps allow the user to publish locally loaded APIs to APIX.Hub™:

  1. On the APIX.XL ribbon, click the Manage APIs button.Manage API
  2. The window that displays will list all the APIs that are locally loaded as well as those that are in APIX.Hub™.
  3. Identify the local API that is to be published and click the PUBLISH TO HUB button.Publish Hub
  4. In the window that appears, enter the NAMESPACE, SHORTNAME, and VERSION for your API. Then select APIX.Hub™ in the HUB drop-down. Then click the PUBLISH button. Note: If publishing a new version of an existing API, ensure that NAMESPACE and SHORTNAME match the existing API.Publish
  5. The message below indicates that the API was successfully published to APIX.Hub™.Success
  6. To verify success, open the Manage API window (See Step 1).
  7. The TYPE for the API should say Hub.API Type