Data & Analytics

Data-driven insight unlocks unlimited opportunity for your business and Ness helps you harness that power. From modernization to standardization, we help companies build the right data infrastructure, transformation processes and analysis methods to drive productivity, open new revenue streams, provide repeatable value and maintain a competitive advantage.

Our Data & Analytics Offerings

Unlock Your Data Ecosystem and Transform Raw Data into Actionable Business Intelligence.

Data Strategy

At Ness we help you build a strategy to make informed decisions based on your data. We take a complete view of the tools, processes, and rules that define how to manage, analyze, and act upon business data.

  • Data Strategy – We empower our clients to implement a comprehensive data strategy using modern cloud-based technologies, achieving optimal security, scalability, performance, and efficiency.
  • Data Governance Review – Ness has proven project delivery leadership in data governance initiatives, addressing strategic imperatives, including security, regulatory compliance, stewardship, ownership, data sharing, and data democratization.

Data in Motion

  • Reorchestration – As the lifeblood of any organization, data must be available to new applications like never before. Ness’s re-orchestration helps unlock data trapped in application silos. We refactor batch-based, monolithic applications to event-based, streaming architectures. We design, build, and test data pipelines using Kafka, Flink, Python, Spark, Azure Data Factory, Databricks, Airflow, Kinesis, Fivetran, Talend, and others. Our experts work with you to modernize your data communication platforms through ideation, architecture, prototypes, and implementation.

Data at Rest

We help transform data from on Prem to modern cloud platforms. We do this using our extensive knowledge of platforms such as Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Data Bricks, and Confluent Cloud

  • Platform Modernization – Transitioning legacy data technology stacks and legacy technologies such as proprietary datastores and mainframes to modern cloud platforms is a foundational part of digital transformation. Ness helps you accelerate the migration to modern cloud technologies, including Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Data Bricks, and Confluent Cloud. Our experts will help refine your data strategy, define the architecture, and implement modern data lakes, data warehouses, visualization, reporting, and analytics.
  • API Unification For Analytics (Powered By Proprietary APIX Solution) – API providers are looking for targeted delivery channels to drive the mass adoption of their APIs. Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular tools for data analysis, but exposing APIs to Excel causes API providers to get dragged into building and updating custom Add-ins instead of focusing on their core product development. Ness’s APIX™ allows Microsoft Excel to be used as a runtime application, enabling the consumption of cloud-based services as native Excel functions, making it the only Excel Add-in you’ll ever need.

Custom AI / Solutions

  • AI/ML capabilities rapidly transform businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Our scalable solutions accelerate your AI/ML projects and help you realize value from machine learning initiatives faster. We make it easier to convert data into intelligence and build enterprise-grade AI/ML solutions, such as personalized promotions, portfolio analytics, churn analytics, fraud detection, risk management, inventory optimization, and predictive maintenance. Recent Ness AI/ML projects include predicting commuter rail arrival times and outages in telemetry data collected from millions of IoT devices.

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