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Overcoming Hesitation About Capital Markets Application Modernization: Why a Critical Mindset Shift is Needed

The digital disruption in the financial services industry over the last 15 years has been nothing short of revolutionary, and there’s little sign that the pace of change is going to let up any time soon. Across all jobs and titles—from trading to risk and compliance and leadership—the expectations for tracking and reporting trades and exposure have morphed beyond recognition. Indeed, if someone in compliance from a decade ago was asked to meet today’s data compliance expectations, it’s likely that they would smile politely and then hand in their notice.

How can capital markets firms like yours best adapt to this dynamic environment? What mindset do you need to begin the process of modernizing the legacy technologies and computing architectures your firm relies on every day?

To answer those questions, let’s take a closer look at why application modernization is needed, the most common challenges, and most importantly, the key to an effective solution.

The Application Modernization Imperative for Capital Markets Firms

Capital markets firms must embrace application modernization initiatives centered around the sourcing, movement, processing, and distribution of data. More specifically, your firm needs to modernize its platforms so you can better.

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