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Overcoming Barriers to Improve Operational Excellence- featuring Forrester Research


What are the common barriers to improving operational excellence? This Ness video featuring Amanda LeClair, Forrester Analyst at Forrester Research describes some of the common barriers that hinder achieving success.

In the digital era, there are challenges that have plagued organization for a long time, for example— legacy technology, working in silos, cultural change, security, compliance, etc. So how can you overcome these barriers? Some of the ways to conquer these challenges is by focusing on the operations that have the most impact and can potentially deliver the most value to their customers — and also involving operations-oriented roles on the innovation teams. “By making more investments on the operational piece and not just newer technologies…. you’re putting money back into what exists today so that you’re able to keep pace with what you’re doing at the forefront and that your backend systems are able to support the promises that you’ve been making on the experience front,” states Amanda.

Watch the video to learn about the common barriers that hinder achieving operational excellence and how to beat these challenges: