Ness contributes to the communities in which we live and work

A strong sense of social responsibility and the resolve to have a meaningful impact on the communities we serve is integral to Ness’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy. The technology expertise, passion for innovation, and delivery excellence that have been fundamental to our growth in the technology space also reflect in the ways in which we contribute to our world.  

Ness’s CSR initiatives are focused on improving quality of life in our communities and safeguarding our environmental resourcesGuided by these objectives, Ness initiates and contributes time towards activities in areas such as education, health and wellness, and the environment.  

We tap into our most valuable resources – our people and our knowledge of technologies – and their collective synergies to help drive sustainable change. 

“Ness’s environmental and social initiatives are rooted in our commitment towards creating a positive change in the world we live in. I am proud to be part of an organization where people live and breathe such a philosophy.”

Chandana Sathyanarayana, Senior Software Engineer

Featured CSR activities