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Our focus is to help you create true business value by taking control of your data. Ness brings a strong cross alliance partner advantage with expertise in a range of complementary leading technology solutions to power your business with a modern data analytics solution.

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Snowflake Data Migrations

Making informed decisions at the right time is crucial for your business. Yet as companies grow, so does their data and storage, making these decisions more difficult. Despite how valuable data is when used correctly, migrating existing data to a new warehouse can quickly become a complicated process – which is where Ness + Snowflake can help. As a single platform available on AWS, Azure, and GCP, Snowflake offers secure and governed access to data while helping to eliminate the complexities and added costs associated with on-premises solutions, allowing you to make the most of your migration.

Snowflake Data Warehouse Modernization

As a business, having a centralized location for your data that is both low maintenance and low cost is important. Equally as important is the requirement for analysts to perform fast reporting that supports business decisions. With traditional data warehouses, you often choose between these three goals.

With Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehousing, take the pain out of manual intervention for performance at scale, routine maintenance, and slow analytics reporting tools that lead to incomplete reporting.

  • Performance tuning at scale is handled automatically with query caching and optimization, micro partitions, and more.
  • Routine maintenance such as storage allocation, capacity planning, scaling resources, encryption, and backups are handled by Snowflake, allowing DBAs the ability to focus on bringing in new data sources.
  • Reporting is made easy thanks to near unlimited storage, speed, and scale, giving analysts the ability to produce timely, complete, and accurate reports.

Snowflake Data Forecasting

Having a 360-degree view of your business is crucial to power you to make better decisions faster. Ness’ leading machine learning and AI-driven applications and Snowflake’s built-in support of these workloads bring together clean data from throughout your enterprise, allowing you to understand its purpose and ultimately develop more meaningful metrics.

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