We help clients seeking to build out a next-generation information backbone by moving them away from monolithic applications to a set of analytics microservices that process an event stream. Our offerings range from pure infrastructure design and configuration of the Confluent platform to the full development of the systems that use it.

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Our Offerings

Build Your Information Backbone with Kafka.

Quick Start

Are you Kafka curious? If you’re wondering whether Confluent is the right solution for your business problem, we can work together to define and execute a 2-to-4–week POC that demonstrates Kafka’s potential impact on your workload. We do this in a dedicated AWS account with mock data so that you can get answers quickly.


We can help you design the architecture, topology, and governance of a next-generation information backbone built on the Confluent platform. We’ll ensure that it meets all the requirements of a hardened infrastructure:

  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Cost Optimization
  • Operational Excellence

We can also help you design your application’s Streaming Architecture to take full advantage of the technology that Confluent provides.


If you already have an architecture in place, we’ll help you implement it. We can create automated pipelines that deploy Kafka on any cloud of your choice, VMware or Bare Metal. We have a set of accelerators built on top of best-of-breed, open-source software—Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, Grafana—that drastically shortens your time to market while enabling:

  • Environments as a Service (EaaS): Create “flavors” of deployment topologies for different use cases and deploy them in an automated fashion (e.g., small development environments, load-testing environments, production, etc.)
  • Monitoring: In addition to Confluent Control Center, we provide Grafana dashboards to expose the systems performance of the hosts running Confluent, the applications connecting to it, and their custom metrics
  • Automated Resilience Testing: The only way to find out if your implementation is truly resilient is to test it. We have a suite of customizable, automated failure tests that emulate infrastructure failures and bring down various Confluent components so that you can validate the impact on your overall system
  • Canary Testing: Run a canary app after every deployment as well as in production to ensure your Confluent platform and the infrastructure it runs on are behaving as expected

How Can We Help?

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