We enable better, faster decision-making by helping clients aggregate live data from multiple sources using in-memory computing. With ActivePivot, we’ll help you visualize, drill-through, and analyze datasets in real time.

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Our Offerings

Real-Time Risk Aggregation and Visualization.

Quick Start

If you’re wondering whether ActivePivot is the right solution for your business-visualization and self-service needs, we can work together to define and execute a 4-to-6–week Proof of Concept (POC). We use a dedicated AWS account with mock data so you can see the impact of a real-time aggregation platform on Risk, P&L, and Margin use cases.


We design robust architectures that separate parallel computations of large workloads from non-parallel aggregations of compute results, all while addressing the challenges of completeness, timeliness, accuracy, stability, and flexibility.

An ActivePivot architecture enables the following in real time:

  • Aggregating your data across multiple dimensions: asset, segment, client, product, and currency
  • Responding simultaneously to events that have an impact across multiple dimensions
  • Constructing “what-if” scenarios and analyzing the impacts of both linear and non-linear outcomes
  • Drilling through to each level in a dimensional hierarchy to fully understand the impact of each scenario
  • Consuming datasets from disparate sources and formats
  • Adjusting confidence intervals and instantaneously re-computing value at risk


If you already have an architecture plan, we’ll help you implement it with a front-to-back integration of data sources and visualization tools. Our accelerators can connect to sources like CSV, Parquet, and Kafka, so you can start consuming data quickly.

For enterprise-level deployments, we also provide:

  • Monitoring: In addition to ActiveMonitor, ActiveViam’s KPI-monitoring and alerts application, we also provide Splunk dashboards that expose front-to-back system performance and provide the ability to track data from the source to the visualization tool.
  • Automated Resilience Testing: The only way to find out if your implementation is truly resilient is to test it. We have a suite of customizable, automated failure tests that emulate infrastructure failures and bring down various ActiveViam components so you can validate impacts on your overall system.
  • Visualizations: The advantage of having a fault-tolerant aggregation platform for disparate datasets is to be able to vend and support multiple visualization tools. In addition to ActiveUI, ActiveViam’s visualization tool, we can provide custom UIs built on React or seamless integration with Microsoft Excel via our proprietary APIX™ platform.

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