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A New Era of Full Stack Developers


There is no doubt that the world of software development has seen significant changes over the years. The erstwhile siloed teams of development, quality, operations, and support have slowly started to merge. Quality is now part of development and there is a slow, but definite demand for full stack developers who can perform quality checks. This underlines the growing demand for smart engineers that can design and develop the full stack and handle all aspects of software technology, with quality being their priority.

Anand Subramanian, Senior Vice President, has authored a column for, Software Magazine, titled, “Raising an Army of Full Stack Developer.” The article shares his perspective on the growing demand for the full stack developer and how organizations can evolve this highly sought-after group of engineers internally by adopting the right culture and organizational framework.” However, the transformation is not that easy. “The introduction of learning, coaching, or mentoring techniques to orient people to full stack development is imperative,” expresses Anand Subramanian.

View full article: http://www.softwaremag.com/raising-an-army-of-full-stack-developers/