NessTech’s Frontend Challenge Explained

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Ness is turning five this year.
We want to celebrate our anniversary a bit differently this time by getting involved in the digitalization of the local community.

How are we going to do this?

By organizing the NessTech Community Challenge Hackathon!

The event will have two challenges to solve: One on Backend development and the other on Frontend development. Here is frontend simplified. It is creating websites and applications in a visually pleasing and appealing manner so that it it easy to use and provides better functionality to it users.

The time has come for us to discuss the Frontend Challenge we’ll tackle at the NessTech Community Challenge Front End Hackathon.

We have created an event in which we’ll discuss the details more broadly and work on developing ideas that can later turn into valid solutions for this challenge. This event is filled with front end coding challenges.

Sign up for the ideation workshop right here:

The Frontend coding challenges comes as USAMVBT’s (Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Timișoara) need to create an interactive way of showcasing the opportunities and their projects. This is to make their educational programs more appealing to future generations.

These are the skills you need to have (within a team) to be able to work on our frontend challenge (they are rated from 1 to 5, where one is the lowest and five is the highest):

  • Frontend development (5 out of 5);
  • Design (5 out of 5);
  • Backend development (3 out of 5).

If you have some frontend development/design/backend development skills, put them to use – and let’s digitalize the community together!


What is the hardest thing in front end development?

The hardest thing about frontend development is not having control over the environment in which your code is running

What is a good example of front-end development?

The process of building components to interact with users, such as the creation of a responsive and interactive social media feed, is a good example of front-end development

Is front-end development difficult?

The difficulty level of front-end development depends on factors such as the complexity of the project, the developer’s experience level, and the technology framework available.

What are the top skills for front-end developer?

A frontend developer must be well-versed in some of the top skills, such as Technical and Soft skills. Technical skills include HTML & CSS, Javascript, TypeScript, Frameworks, Libraries, CSS Preprocessors, responsive design, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Version control, Testing and Debugging, Command line, and Web Performance. Creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving are part of the non-technical skills.

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