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Nessians developed website for the State Theater Košice


State Theater Košice has introduced a new website. The new modern website has been developed thanks to the CSR project of Ness KDC to Košice.

“State Theater Košice is an icon and cultural symbol dominant of our city. We’re proud that we could help such a credible and important institution with the website development and I hope that the new responsive design will make the access to the information for all users easier,” explained Stanislav Mucha, Director PR & Communications Ness KDC.

“We wanted to create, in cooperation with Ness KDC, a modern website, which would be user friendly for visitors browsing the web on a computer as well as a mobile device. I believe that the new website will attract the visitors and facilitate a smooth approach to the information they look for and allow them to more easily purchase tickets, “added Rastislav Pistrák, Head of Marketing in State Theater Košice.

The new website was customized with completely new designs and even contains archived articles. The functionality and performance of the website will be monitored and implement any improvements if needed. “In addition, we will utilize the theater holidays to create an English version of the site to access the information to the foreign visitors. The main goal is to prepare the website 100% for the next season,” said Mr. Pistrák.

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