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Nessian on the Job: Swapnil Kshirsagar, Software Engineer – Trainee

Through our on the Job series, we introduce some of the men and women who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Swapnil Kshirsagar describes his role as a Software Engineer -Trainee at Ness, the learning experiences working at the company, and more.

Career Path: I began my professional journey with a digital marketing company as an Intern. In that role, I was able to learn new age marketing terms like YouTube marketing, Facebook Ad Campaigns, Copywriting, etc.

Post my B.E. in Computers, I joined Ness to start my first real corporate stint. At Ness, I am part of a team that works for a leading organisation in the Marketing domain. There is always some excitement about working with new people, because you get to face a myriad of business challenges and simultaneously work together to find the best solutions. Being part of Ness is a phenomenal feeling as we build concrete relationships with other team members. There are always opportunities for learning which provides me a great foundation to strengthen my technical expertise.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Currently, I am working as a trainee and gaining experience as a Full Stack Developer. My key responsibilities include building and maintaining the SQL replication, learning new skills and handling existing applications. I am also involved in developing software to meet specific needs of a particular client/business. I review requirements and functional specifications and test environment configurations and management.

What are your best learning experiences at Ness:
Ness’s work culture is enriching and motivating, as it provides a perfect environment to learn, grow, and prosper. It’s a dynamic workplace, where my colleagues bring something new to the table, thereby providing a great opportunity to refresh one’s own technical expertise to deal with any business challenges.

I love my job because I get to work with cutting-edge technologies and expand my skills in the digital era. Ness has a huge focus on continuous learning and employee development that provides a learning curve that is beyond the regular line of work. Learning is offered through various training sessions, webinars, employee-related forums, technology campaigns etc. – ensuring that employees have a numerous opportunity to learn and implement new technologies. As a fresher, you’re mentored at every phase of your career in becoming a true professional.

Your favorite part of working at Ness?
The friendly atmosphere of the team and its diversity cultures make every working day a pleasure. The festive events, special occasions and employee engagement activities help employees break through their normal work routine, stay refreshed, and come back to work with a lot of enthusiasm. All core values such as team bonding, respect, kindness etc. which aren’t normally seen or heard of, are practiced regularly at Ness.

What do you spend time on when not working?
I like to listen to music as it gets me going and refreshes my mood. I also love to read books and enjoy watching humorous movies, which makes me relax and laugh no matter what state I’m in.

Fun facts

I love dancing but I am way out of rhythm.

I am a continuous learner and curious person.

I love interacting and socializing with all kinds of people.