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Nessian on the Job – Shakti Sahay

My journey so far in Ness:

I believe that a good company keeps its customers happy and a great company is the one which also keeps its employees happy. Being a part of the Ness family, my work as a bid-manager requires end-to-end delivery of the bid/RFx response by coordinating with various stakeholders vis-à-vis solutioning, delivery, practice heads and sales team across all the levels at Ness. I try to create a compelling story for every bid, backed by a client-centric competitive approach of providing solution to the immediate problems of the customer, and focused on setting the foundation for a long-term relationship. As a bid-manager, I make sure that all the client’s concerns are duly addressed by raising the right questions with the internal stakeholders over the lifecycle of the bid-management process right from sales request to building the solutions and commercials to the final proposal. Ness being an agile-focused company with engineering and digital as its DNA, I as a bid manager harnesses the organization’s information and successful engineering stories to establish the company’s market credibility. I am also involved in various analyst reports where I work directly with the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Digital Officer to create a compelling and differentiating value proposition.

From where it all started:

I have lived across various parts of India throughout my educational and professional life. My graduation in Computer Science engineering has equipped me with the arsenal to understand new and evolving technologies and the MBA has helped me understand the bigger picture of how to connect business and technology.

I have a professional experience of around eight years where I got the opportunity to work across the entire value chain of the software industry. In the past, I have worked as software developer and business analyst. Besides working as a pre-sales consultant, I have also been involved in strategic role in the previous company, like, creating roadmaps for setting up a new offering, establishing partner relationships to supplement capabilities and assisting the recruitment teams with campus hiring.

My journey ahead:

I believe in being out on the field, and meeting new people. My passion therefore lies in sales where I get to meet clients, understand their businesses, their technologies, their problems, and learn something new every day as I strive to help them achieve their goals. I consider my role as a bid-manager as the first step towards achieving my goal at Ness as a successful sales and account manager.

How clients perceive Ness:

I always felt that clients prefer partnering with the right-sized company, which is large enough to have the scale and expertise to meet client’s expectations, and yet provide the level of attention and executive management commitment to ensure success and rapid course correction, if required.

Ness’ early adoption of digital technologies has given it an edge over its competitors in terms of depth of the knowledge and breadth of new age technologies that we can bring to the table.

Ness’ distributed presence enables it to provide services not only from its onsite and offshore facilities but also from its near-shore Eastern Europe centers.

Who am I – Outside Work?:

My professional life complements my personal life where I am able to manage my work-life balance seamlessly. In my free time I try to keep myself busy and engaged by indulging in activities like travelling and playing games. My mantra is “In order to be relevant, one needs to discover and re-discover themselves by investing time and learn something new every day”. I also try to learn something new by reading about the latest digital technologies like blockchain, IoT, AI-ML.