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Nessian on Job Series- Prachi Walawalkar


“The best way to predict the future is to create it,” Abraham Lincoln

Rightly said, for a fulfilling future career, it is necessary to find a promising workplace that matters, build skills, and enables you to live a happier life. Prachi Walawalkar, Senior QA Engineer, finds Ness to be one of the best companies to work for — with a professional and consistent work culture and constructive career strategy that allows employees to build a meaningful profession and makes them feel invigorated and delighted. At Ness, it is more than just serving in a role that you love. I work for one of our clients that specifically caters to the transportation domain. While working on this project, I received good exposure to a wide range of software testing methodologies and also gained deep knowledge on some of the latest trends in the software testing domain.

Roles and Responsibilities

It’s no secret that testing plays a prominent role in the development of new software. As a senior software tester, I am responsible for working closely with the software developers in order to identify any bugs in the product and improve the quality of the final release. I also need to ensure that testing is going hand in hand with the software development in all phases. As a part of my job, I need to identify and capture test cases and report defects to the concerned product managers for fixing the bug, so that nothing slips into the live environment. I have also gained a lot of relevant domain expertise from my team and seniors. These learnings have further helped me take appropriate actions for delivering quality products to the market.

Learning Experience

At Ness, I have mastered all of the capabilities required for testing various aspects of the product/system including function, component, system, performance, regression, and services. It has provided me with a great platform, where I gained complete knowledge about software test design and test execution methodologies. I would also proudly acclaim that it’s a workplace where I had a chance to interact with the clients and with the development team more efficiently in order to fully test the product or system, while meeting the required business needs.

Why Ness?

Having a job that I love and working for a great company like Ness instigated me to figure out what makes Ness a great place to work. For me it’s a place where you experience a truly strong culture, professional growth, and a challenging work environment. It’s also a place that inspires and motivates the employees inside it to implement their own ideas into their work and encourages them to come up with the best business results. You can also work with cutting-edge technologies and keep yourself updated with all the latest trends that emerge in the market. At Ness, you can trust the people whom you work for, enjoy the people you work with and have pride in what you do.

What I Like About Working at Ness

Ness gives you a flexible work schedule and allows employees to focus on things that require attention to detail and creative thinking. Team bonding activities like group lunches and outings are the most fun-filled activities that a team can experience.

When it comes to engaging the new joiners, Ness takes an incredible move by assigning a buddy to every new employee. This enables them to be more easily introduced to their workplace and learn more about their roles and responsibilities.


Apart from work, I love listening to music and watching movies. I also like to keep myself updated with the latest market trends.

I am looking forward to work with Ness for many more years so that I can contribute to the growth and betterment of the company with my knowledge and expertise.