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Nessian on Job Series – Neeraj Garg

Through our On the Job Series, we introduce some of the unique talents who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Neeraj Garg describes his role as a Technical-Lead, the learning experiences, and the life and work culture at Ness along with few fun facts.

Name & Title: Neeraj Garg, Technical-Lead

Career Path

I pursued my Post Graduate degree in advanced computing and was placed through a campus interview as a software engineer in one of the reputed IT firms. During my post-graduation course, I started mastering the basics of programming languages and got really interested to practice coding and use in all types of software development.

Prior to working in Ness, I had the chance to gain various work experiences as an enterprise application developer and a business requirements analyst – I was always curious to identify multiple solutions for a single task. I have also worked with various esteemed organizations, tried extracting their best practices and simultaneously implementing the same in different business lines with regards to either products/services, markets or technology. I firmly believe that it’s my self-learning and personal skill development which has helped me to strengthen my expertise in core areas and that’s where Ness has recognized me.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As a technical lead in Ness, I am responsible to drive the team in ensuring smooth delivery of assigned projects with the stipulated timeline. I analyze the business requisites, discuss with my team, and then provide an estimation to the client based on their requirements. I am also responsible for technical upgradation of projects and provide value added services to clients through new innovative solutions that can solve real business issues. As a part of my job, I am involved in the design and architectural and deployment phases of the project, by providing them with best-in-class solutions for every production issue with low turnaround time. I also ensure to keep the client updated about future technical risks and provide them with the contingency plan for the same.

What are your best learning experiences at Ness:

Ness has a flexible and friendly work culture. Online and classroom training, and webinars provided through the Ness academy are very helpful to keep updating yourself with the latest technologies in the market. I always believe learning is a continuous process and Ness makes it possible. It also keeps every employee motivated by rewarding them with the quarterly and spot awards. The Ness My Idea Contest and Hackathon are also some of the platforms which enables every employee to showcase their innovative skills. The Ness internal Buzz newsletter helps to keep every employee updated about the company’s events at a global level. At the core, what makes Ness a unique place to work is the technically strong and supportive team that is held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of the projects, alongside working together efficiently on tasks and driving the company forward.

Your favourite part of working at Ness?

My satisfaction and happiness often rests on how quickly I can solve a customer’s problem. Learning job related skills from co-workers and seniors also helps me enhance my knowledge repository, which is extremely important for my career success. Together as a team in Ness, we’ve worked on many complex projects that are implemented effectively for upgrading the client’s business processes.

Besides this, spending time with friends and having lunch as a team is one of the greatest stress-busters, which helps me to stay refreshed and resume work with more energy. Moreover, birthday recognition is a good way to build the team culture; by celebrating birthdays of our colleagues we have some fun together as a team at Ness.

What do you spend time on when not working?

I love to spend time with my daughter, explore new places with family and friends and watch movies. I like to read financial news and keep myself updated with the latest technologies that make its entry into the business arena. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and data science excite me a lot and I make it a habit to read articles regularly on these topics and keep myself equipped with the latest advancements in the technology.