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Nessian on the Job –Santhoshi Gunukula

Through our On the Job Series, we introduce some of the mesmerizing talents who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Santhoshi Gunukula describes her role as a Senior Software Engineer, the learning experiences, and the life and work culture at Ness along with few fun facts.

Name & Title: Santhoshi Gunukula, Senior Software Engineer—ETL Developer

Career Path: I graduated with my Master’s degree in Computer Applications, and then started off my career with Ness. As a fresher, I was quite excited to join Ness and was at the crossroads, which has eventually changed the course of my professional career. I would proudly acclaim that Ness has given me a great and successful platform to work in and provides an environment for me to enrich my technical skills. I have experienced unparalleled support from my team, who works for a leading organization in the financial domain. With the constant encouragement and motivation from my team, I have mastered the ETL related technologies and Data Federation tools and have participated in several projects related to Oracle.

Roles and Responsibilities: Currently, I am working as an ETL Developer. My key responsibilities include analyzing and developing the mappings/workflows as the business requires. As a senior software engineer, I am acquainted in developing the Oracle Procedure and crating the UNIX scripts as per the project. Preparing high level and low level design documents for the requirements solution and performing unit testing and monitoring control M jobs, also adds to my responsibilities. In addition, I am also accustomed to preparing pre-implementation tasks, as well as ensuring smooth production.

Best Learning Experiences at Ness: For me, Ness is a perfect environment to learn things, and a close-knit team is what makes my time in the office very memorable. My co-workers and management are also very loyal and trustworthy and that’s the best part about working in Ness. The thought processes, attitudes of the employees, their dedication towards work, and the ideologies and principles of the organization are also amazing. All of these factors provide the right environment for my career growth.

Favorite Part of Working at Ness: Ness has a very busy and challenging work environment. The awesome facilities at Ness including the classroom sessions, library, video lecture subscription, and more is what makes it unique. Moreover, the festive moments, special occasions, team lunches, fun-filled Fridays, employee engagement campaigns and many more adds to my wish list. The management team—be it HR, Facilities or anybody—are highly approachable.

What Do You Spend Time on When Not Working? I absolutely love listening to music, since it pleases me and makes me feel better for having heard it. My hobbies also include playing carom, reading newspapers and browsing on the new and ground-breaking technologies in today’s market.

Fun Facts: One more fun-filled hobby of mine is to solve puzzles, which stimulates my mind and certainly has a positive effect on my intellect. Besides that, being a huge tennis and cricket fan, I love watching both sports.