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Nessian on the Job – Astha Srivastava

Nessian on the Job – Astha Srivastava

Ness Digital ServicesThrough our On the Job series, we introduce some of the men and women who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Astha Srivastava describes her professional journey, her role as a software engineer at Ness, and why she enjoys working at the company.

Name & Title: Astha Srivastava, Software Engineer

Career Path:

I started my professional journey with a telecommunications company, working as an intern, on technologies like Java and Android. Joining Ness marked an important change in my career as the company provided me a great platform to enhance my skill sets and broaden my learning and experiences. I am part of a team that works for a leading organization in the supply chain management space. I find the opportunity very challenging – and being in this team, my love for technology, coding and programming has strengthened.

My role and responsibilities:

Currently, I am working on Java, as a Full-Stack developer, I am proficient in technologies like Asp.Net, C#, Python, AngularJS, ReactJS and Microservices. Recently, I also conducted an in-house seminar open for all Nessians on “What’s New in Java 9?”, which was a very fulfilling experience as I had the opportunity to share my ideas and have interesting discussions with other employees on the topic.

What I like about working at Ness:

Ness provides me with amazing learning opportunities that help me hone my professional and social skills further. It provides the right environment that helps me continually evolve. The perfect environment to learn things, and a close-knit team is what makes my time in the office very memorable. My co-workers and management are very supportive and that’s the best part about working here.

My Favorites

There are multiple opportunities to learn. The facilities provided are awesome and include classroom sessions, a library, video lecture subscription, etc. The work culture is very positive. People have the knowledge and capability to simplify tough situations, and their dedication for work is amazing.

What I like to do outside office?

I am a blogger and I like to write both technical and creative articles and stay updated on new and trending technology topics. Besides that, I like designing dresses and making handmade stuff like cards, windchimes and dreamcatchers.

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