Nessian on the Job – Bhushan Pargaonkar

Through our On the Job series, we introduce some of the men and women who play a pivotal role in the success story charted by Ness. In this edition, Bhushan Pargaonkar describes his role as an architect at Ness, his learning experiences and why he enjoys working at the company.

Name & Title: Bhushan Pargaonkar, Architect

Career progression:

I joined Ness as a Senior Developer based on my knowledge of technologies like Adobe Flex and Core Java. Initially, I worked on an innovation idea under the leadership of one of our delivery heads and it was a good experience. In the meanwhile, I kept working on various technologies and frameworks like PHP, Spring, Play, Web services, Hibernate and BIRT. Thereafter, I had the opportunity to move to Ness Hyderabad where I was involved with other technologies, such as Big Data and NoSQL for our financial domain customers. This gave me the privilege to work closely with some great minds at Ness. This was also a new phase in my career, as I received the chance to learn and contribute to projects and solutions apart from my regular line of work. Later, I moved to the Ness Solutions Architects Team and worked as the lead for the Rapid Experimentation Group, created for building POCs (Proof of Concepts) on state-of-the art technologies to demonstrate Ness’s capabilities to its customers.

What are your specific responsibilities?

I currently work closely with solution architects and contribute to various proposals with POCs or Point of Views on modern technologies to demonstrate Ness’s capabilities. I am also involved in some client engagements in the areas of DevOps, Machine Learning (ML) and Big Data.

What are your best learning experiences at Ness?

Overall, it has been a rewarding journey at Ness. I have evolved from a polyglot developer to an architect with a deeper understanding of platform engineering and new age technologies like Big Data, ML, and DevOps. Especially, ML and Artificial Intelligence interests me a lot and I keep exploring and experimenting with various ML problems and algorithms.

Your favorite part of working at Ness?

Ness provides a good work-life balance with great learning opportunities. I thoroughly enjoy participating in the various innovation events like Idea contests, Hackathons, TechDays, and the cultural activities like annual day celebrations, dance competitions, bay decoration contests, festivals etc. I also won the first edition of TechDays at Ness with my innovative solution.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I have made a lot of friends in the Ness Mumbai and Hyderabad centers and have a great time working with them. I like hanging out with my colleagues even when I’m outside of work.