Tour of the IBC2019 Conference, Amsterdam

1,700 exhibitors provided a perfect platform to network, build relationships, and discover the latest trends and technologies. Hundreds of companies from the video delivery, video digitization, and workflow digitization space showcased their products with 300 plus inspirational speakers including game changing keynotes that addressed more than 1,100 delegates at the IBC Conference this year.

Martin Focazio, shares insights from the three-day long IBC2019 Conference:

Day 1: Hot topics include the digitization of hardware and cloud enablement of hardware-centered production workflows, and the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to content workflows.


Day 2: A studio tour: showcasing a range of hardware, the actual machineries that are being used for the production workflows. Devices include basic multi-camera switching to actual, real-time AR /VR product suites.


Day 3: Seminars, workshops, and learnings on a new range of products and the impact these products have on the content production workflow and a clear understanding of how the software and services intersect.


Highlights and key takeaways from the IBC2019 Conference:

A great platform to learn about the cutting-edge ideas, trend-setting products and transformative technology impacting the market. One thing that I observed through the show was how legacy companies in the industry have always transformed their products as the marketplace changed – but now, there is a deeper, more substantial change than a change in formats or hardware. Software – especially the many variations of AI – are deeply entwined in the content creation and management workflows. It may be the companies with the best AI will emerge as the dominant forces soon.

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