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Ness TechDays – Sharing Innovation and Ingenuity

Ness TechDays – Sharing Innovation and Ingenuity

Ness Digital Engineering is hosting its technology conference, Ness TechDays, for employees across the globe on Nov. 22nd, Nov. 29th, and Dec. 2nd. This three-day, virtual conference will feature presentations from Ness clients and Ness engineers on cutting-edge topics in Customer Experience Design, Platform Engineering, Data Analytics, and more. This engineer-led conference is sure to further inspire new ideas among our team and our clients as we work together to achieve digital transformation in innovative ways every day.

If you’re interested in speaking with Ness experts about any of these topics below, please contact us here.

A selection of the topics that will be presented include:

  • Securing a Containerized World
  • Custom Query Engine for JSONs in DynamoDB
  • Securing Microservices with Oauth2 and JWT
  • Representation of Large Corporate Data in HTML Tables Under AngularJS
  • Big Data Open Source Projects vs Amazon AWS
  • The Container as a Service (CaaS) Ecosystem and Landscape
  • Real Time Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Liferay Production Push via Automation

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