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Ness Point of View: Challenges Facing Today’s CIO

We enjoyed reading a thought-provoking article from McKinsey on improving the quality and spirit of conversation between board directors and the CIO. For those who have not read the article, it posits five key questions which will enable companies to measure corporate health in terms of digital capabilities. Credible answers to the questions are somewhat integral to the ongoing success of any company with technology at its core. It inspired us to extend the narrative to uncover additional insights and deeper conclusions. The debate is timely in a world where every company is becoming a “technology company,” and many are keen to build out their digital platform as the center of their commercial and social ecosystem.

In this Point of View (POV), we’ve chosen a certain journalistic empathy for the CIO as our narrative structure; and to flip the key questions asked by the board directors of CIOs in the McKinsey article back at those same board directors and the investors and business stakeholders they represent. Have they not been paying close enough attention to the world we live in today? Is it not a bit rich to perform a hand brake u-turn and start demanding data on business outcomes, customer satisfaction and value-add when the message of the previous 10 years has been one of relentless cost-cutting and hoping the customers didn’t notice?

In this POV we take down those same five questions in order – and add a dash of modern reality and shared ownership to the analysis. Read the full CIO Challenges POV here to learn more about the five technology questions a company needs to answer positively to survive and thrive in today’s digital era.

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