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Ness Partners with Harpyja to Drive Digital Transformation in Manufacturing And Supply Chain Management Industries


TEANECK, N.J. – December 4, 2020 – Ness Digital Engineering, a global provider of digital transformation solutions, has announced a partnership with the business transformation consultancy firm, Harpyja. Together, the companies will use their combined expertise in business processes and software engineering, as well as a common framework rooted in iterative design thinking, to develop and deliver innovative products, services and processes in the industrial and supply chain domains.

“Ness brings a wealth of experience in software product engineering that comes from being a global leader in its field for 20 years,” said Mark Barratt, Chief Executive Officer, Harpyja. “Their end-to-end experience creating strategic proprietary software products and solutions for leading organizations in energy, telematics, 2D/3D digital mapping, supply chain and manufacturing will help us further support our customers with their strategic vision and roadmap.”

Ness and Harpyja’s comprehensive experience in cloud enablement, data governance and stewardship, Salesforce, full 3PL and 4PL managed services, and best-in-class product and intelligent engineering provides organizations with the means to drive growth, promote continuous optimization and implement technology-based change. Both companies have a successful track record leading organizations through digital transformation, developing business start-ups, and pushing international expansion.

“Partnering with Harpyja allows us to draw on their decades of strategic, transformational and operational experience across many different verticals in both the private and public sectors,” said Pete Rogers, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Western Europe, Ness. “Both organizations share a relentless vision for innovation, whether that is by helping develop growth or by working side by side with customers to implement technology in a systematic way.” 

About Ness

Ness is a digital solutions company with product engineering in our DNA backed by a global collective of software engineers, data experts, user experience designers, and innovators. Combining core competence in engineering with the latest in digital technology, we build customer-facing platforms and software products that help businesses thrive in the digital economy. As your tech partner, we help engineer your company’s future with cloud and data. For more information, visit ness.com.

About Harpyja

Harpyja brings decades of strategic, transformational, and operational experience to every project. They add value across many different verticals whether private or public sector because they can draw on years of client-side, C-suite experience. Experience anchored in digital, business, and cultural transformation. Couple this to their hands-on, customer-centric style and you’ve got a team ready to genuinely move the needle whether that is increasing shareholder value or employee engagement. Always with an obsessive eye on sustainable results and ensuring you are supported both during and post-change. For more information, visit www.harpyja.com