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Ness Named Finalist by Media Excellence Awards

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ness, a global provider of digital transformation solutions, is honored to be recognized by the Media Excellence Awards as a finalist in the Excellence in Health, Med & Biotech category for our work developing an applied artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform for a medical equipment manufacturing company that specializes in clinical oncology.

Better Support Patient Needs by Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Ness built a platform that provides AI representation of a patient’s journey built on a foundation of Deep Learning models. The capabilities of this platform provide better support for patient needs by providing image analysis models for the entire human body and insights for patient treatment. With this platform, the customer is able to use AI to automate some of the processes that go into diagnosing cancer and predicting outcomes based on radiology imaging.

Improved Collaboration with Partners and Vendors

With a true AI platform, Ness’ customer is able to better collaborate with their partners and third-party vendors and host its models as part of a library allowing reuse and training, enabling evidence-based oncology. It also allows for predictive maintenance of valuable radiology equipment, reducing the cost of ownership for these valuable machines.

Fast-Tracked Life-Saving Procedures

Prior to development, no off the shelf product existed to address these needs, so Ness built AI at scale for them. As a result of the work, where it used to take up to 5 hours to manually contour a CT image using contouring software with an error rate of 7% on organ scans, Ness’ AI platform can contour the image in 30 seconds.

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