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Ness KDC has developed website for Košice International Airport

Košice International Airport, owned by Vienna International Airport (66%) and Slovak Republic (33%), has significantly enhanced its marketing activities since 2015. During the first seven months of 2017, the airport recorded 267k passengers, which represented 13% annual growth. Their website, www.airportkosice.sk, was developed by Ness KDC and is used as their official site for sharing the most important information related to services available at the airport.

Marek Uhrín, VP – Delivery & Head of Košice Center, Ness KDC: “The airport is one of the most crucial factors influencing perception of any town by foreign tourists and investors. The first impressions from the airport after the arrival can suggest a lot. The website is necessary even for a small airport. Košice, a city with a high density of IT companies deserves a modern presentation. In addition, our mobile team has already started working on an interactive mobile apps, which will add on to the equipment of the Košice Airport. “

Zuzana Želinská, AVP – Business Finance & Operations, Ness KDC: “The release of Airport Košice was actually at the peak of our season, during which our volunteers developed websites for organizations like Visit Košice, State Theater of Košice and Hockey Club Košice. These are all important institutions in the areas of tourism, culture and sports, which represent our city. I would like to thank all Nessians who participated on these projects.”

Stanislav Mucha, PR and Marketing Director, Ness KDC: “Košice International Airport is an entry gate of the city and also the place that enables us to travel all around the world. Recently, we’ve been pleased with messages announcing new destinations that can be reached from Košice. The new marketing concept of the airport proved to be successful and we are truly proud at Ness that we could contribute to this progress. The website has added on actual communication channels of the airport based on content and functionality requirements. We will be collecting and analyzing data, stats and feedback of passengers and taking further actions, if needed.“

The representatives of Košice Airport appreciate the cooperation with Ness.

Juraj Tóth, Marketing Manager, Airport Košice: “The new website was developed in line with our new corporate identity. The visitors can find their important information such as flight schedules, airlines information, and services available at the airport. The website possesses responsive design and is linked to all social networks as well as portal zkosicdosveta.sk, which helps us to share the newest special offers of airlines and attractive tourism content. We’d like to thank Ness KDC for a perfect job done and we’re looking forward to further cooperation.”

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