Ness Implements 2 Phase Solution for Leading Retail Company

Case Study

Ness Implements 2 Phase Solution for Leading Retail Company

The Challenge

A leading retail company was facing the challenge of multiple hand-offs across multiple DevOps tools, processes, and functions. Looking to simplify their deployment process and automate the cumbersome manual processes they contacted Ness.

The Solution

Ness worked with the customer to implement a two phase process.

In phase 1 Ness designed & provisioned the infrastructure using Infra As Code (Terraform) on Azure cloud by integrating with Jenkins’s pipeline along with Terraform vault to manage the resources using a repeatable process. This simplified the deployment of containerized applications by using Helm Charts for complex Kubernetes (AKS) applications and automated services/applications deployment to AKS through Rundeck.

Phase 2 consisted of using Istio service mesh with AKS to efficiently manage microservices traffic, resiliency, policy, security, strong identity, and observability. Plus the use of Premium Tier Azure Service Bus (ASB) and Centralized App Configuration Management to simplify CI/CD deployment tasks and ease the burden of permutations of configurations created by multiple TMS microservices based applications/services, dependencies, and environments.

The Results

  • 90% Faster deployment of Infrastructure using Terraform led to significant improvement in Time To Market
  • 35% increase in release frequency.
  • 40% improvement in release deployments using fully automated CI/CD Pipelines
  • 80% Reduction in Manual Efforts
  • 70% Improvement in Build and Release Cycles