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Ness Digital Engineering Organizes 2-Day Hackathon, Gear Up 2017, for Mumbai Teams

Mumbai, India. – March 2, 2017 – Ness Digital Engineering, a leading provider of custom software engineering services, organized a two-day hackathon, Gear Up 2017, on the 8 th and 9 th February for its employees at the Mumbai locations. The hackathon was aimed at fueling innovation, creative thinking and collaboration across the teams. The event featured participation from 19 teams of Ness engineers, and it produced some highly innovative ideas and was a great learning experience for employees.

The teams competed in a virtual hackathon that involved creating applications around the latest technologies, such as IoT, real time data visualization, and mobility. The submissions were evaluated by a panel of judges, supported by an audience poll, on various criteria including creativity, execution, and business impact.

Elaborating on the initiative, Anand Subramanian, Senior Vice President, Delivery, Ness Digital Engineering said, “The Ness Hackathon was a platform to showcase employee creativity, fuel innovation and encourage collaboration among our tech teams. We used the idea to engage and inspire our employees and motivate them to accelerate their thought processes to create some awesome applications that could solve real-life problems and could also be used to add more value to our clients.”

One of the participants, Priyanka Gangurde, Manager, QA, Ness Digital Engineering also shared her experience. She noted, “This was one of the biggest learning curves in my career, since I explored countless tools and technologies during the Hackathon period. All of that learning will be used in the future to speed time to market and add value at the organizational level.”

The Winning Ideas

    Hack Idea: Conversation as platform – Teaching computers to respond to our language.
  • 1st RUNNER UP:
    Hack Idea: Real Time Data Visualization in 4d/3d
  • 2nd RUNNER UP:
    Hack Idea: MobiNess – Enhanced features of Ness-e-city intranet when accessed via Mobile

About Ness Digital Engineering

Ness Digital Engineering designs and builds digital platforms and software that help organizations engage customers, differentiate their brands, and drive revenue growth. Our customer experience designers, software engineers and data experts partner with clients to develop roadmaps that identify ongoing opportunities to increase the value of their digital products and services. Through agile development of minimum viable products (MVPs), our clients can test new ideas in the market and continually adapt to changing business conditions—giving our clients the leverage to lead market disruption in their industries and compete more effectively to drive revenue growth. For more information, visit ness.com

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