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Ness Digital Engineering Designs Mobile Application for Slovakia Media Company

App Allows Public to Upload Content for Potential News Publication

TEANECK, N.J. – September 7, 2016 Ness Digital Engineering today announced it has developed a new mobile application for kosice:dnes, a Kosice, Slovakia media company. The app enables the public to upload and send photo and video content directly to news reporters for potential, real-time publication.

“Our organization continually seeks opportunities to provide leadership and innovation in our industry, and this application enables us to be exceptionally responsive in a fast-changing market,” said Lukas Hrano, CEO of kosice:dnes. “The first feedback from our audience was immediate and positive. People welcome the opportunity to send us data directly. Together, with Ness, we have built a strong app loved by people living in Kosice.”

“We are proud to be part of a project that supports a valuable service for the public,” said Marek Uhrin, Managing Director & Delivery Vice President of the Ness Kosice Technology Innovation Center. “We look forward to hearing about the informative stories uncovered though the use of this app, and we are excited to help kosice:dnes continue to evolve its solution to incorporate new uses.”

The app, also called kosice:dnes, allows Kosice’s citizens to send interesting content from the city’s streets directly to the media company via their smartphones. The app sends uploaded photo and video content, along with a brief description, from the public directly to reporters, who will revise the content and determine whether it’s suitable for further processing. As a result, news stories are brought to light more quickly, and citizens have greater involvement in sharing important developments in their community.

kosice:dnes operates a daily Kosice newspaper kosice:dnes (kosice:today), a local television station “TV Nasa” (“Our TV”), and a radio station Radio Kiss 104.5 FM Kosice. The app displays all new articles published on the newspaper’s home website, Through automatic feeds, articles are updated and categorized in real time. The app is currently available through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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