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Ness Connection: Meet Savita Nehra

Savita Nehra

Meet Savita Nehra, Associate Vice President – India HR. Savita has over a decade of experience and a passion for working with people, she plays a major role in the success of our human resource initiatives throughout India.Savita

Q: Tell us a little bit about your role and what you do.

A: I am the Associate Vice President – India HR, which means that I work with our business and functional leaders on HR and talent strategies and programs for our India centers. Specifically in alignment with the business priorities and growth plans for employee career advancement, performance management, creating positive employee experience and well-being, and total rewards.

Q: Everyone has their own morning routine to help get their day going. What are the 3 most important parts of your morning routine?

A: I am a firm believer that our daily routines can make a huge difference in how healthy, happy, and productive we are. In a way, part of my morning routine starts the previous night when I review any important events that are planned for the following day. This gives me clarity when I wake up in the morning of the events ahead, and to adjust or rearrange my routine as necessary. On a general day, I prefer to start my morning with a little bit of meditation and what I call an air bath. An air bath allows me to take in as much fresh oxygen, relaxing my body and mind – either by taking a short walk with soothing music and/or simply shutting down my senses from the external environment while sitting in a park. Following this, I enjoy having breakfast with my family, getting my son ready for school, and talking with my mother. Then I like to take 30 minutes to myself to get ready for work and prepare for the day, ensuring that I start my work with a positive frame of mind. Usually, I listen to some inspirational short podcasts during this time before I shift my complete attention to work.

Q: Tell us about your office / what do you keep on your desk?

A: Like most working professionals, I have a planner, scribble pad, work diary, and other work-related documents on my desk. Apart from that, you’ll also find pictures of my family, memorabilia of people who are close to me, and my son’s drawings or handmade cards. These things help remind me in the tough moments at work (which we all face) that I am blessed to have beautiful things in my life and that I am here today because I have handled adversities and turned them into success.

Savita tea

Q: How do you take your coffee or tea?

A: I am a big green tea drinker, and I drink many cups throughout the day. I love the simplicity with which you can make it as well as the health benefits it provides. I prefer the tulsi, ginger, turmeric combo, or hibiscus flavors, but I enjoy trying new flavors as well. There is no special routine or heightened feeling associated with my green tea consumption, and that is another reason I love it. It just goes along with everything.

savita travel

Q: What’s on your to-do list?

A: I love traveling, exploring new cultures, and learning the local traditions. I have already traveled to quite a few countries in Europe and Asia. But the world is so large that I still have so many places on my bucket list, Oceania and Latin America top the list currently. I am also passionate about spending my time teaching kids who are underprivileged or from lesser privileged environments.

savita airforce

Q: How did you get started in the industry? / How did you end up down this career path?

A: I started my career targeting to be in the Indian Airforce and was the first woman in the country to achieve solo status in microlight flying. Being in the Indian Airforce was my childhood dream and passion. However, an unfortunate injury halted my Airforce career prematurely. I always knew my next choice (outside flying) should be Human Resources as I always excelled in people and conflict management. From the very beginning, I always chose jobs that involved people management before making a permanent switch to solely focus on Human Resources a decade and a half ago.

Q: What does the future of this space/industry look like?

A: Having grown up at a time when everything was brick and mortar, it was fascinating when I began to learn about digital technologies. I believe technology has been a great equalizer – from enhancing connectivity to financial/social/civic inclusions. Statistically, digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in human history and the use of social platforms are extending to over half the global population today. As we embrace digital technologies and reap the immense benefits, my only concern is how this data is being managed/misused. That is why I believe it is extremely important to adhere to compliances like GDPR and others. However, I am a firm believer in embracing the positives of digital technologies rather than worrying about minor imperfections. After all, digital technologies are course-correcting any minor mistakes at a faster pace than any other innovation has been able to do in our history.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at Ness?

A: There are quite a few things I really enjoy about Ness. The opportunity to work with leaders from whom we can learn a lot, working with a truly diverse global team helps us to look at opportunities through different lenses. Also, we have an open culture and the freedom to bring in new ideas.

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