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Ness Connection: Meet Jean-Paul de Vooght

Meet Jean-Paul (“JP”) de Vooght, Sr. Director of Client Solutions at Ness. JP is known for his unique ability to decompose any complex problem and turn concepts into business-driven solutions.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your role at Ness and what that includes.

A: Organizationally, the client solutions group that I’m apart of is situated between sales and delivery. This means I work closely with our clients (current and prospective) to understand their business requirements and liaise with delivery to ensure those needs are met. Essentially, I help remove any surprises along the way to provide continuity and end-to-end accountability. As part of my role, I have to be prepared for any subject. I describe my knowledge as T-shaped. I can speak to many topics, but I also have deep knowledge in a specific area which is manufacturing and transportation. Jean-Paul de Vooght-Mountains

Q: What’s on your to-do list?

A: I’m currently exploring GAIA-X, which is Europe’s response to mega cloud services like Amazon and Azure, aimed at creating an equivalent cloud ecosystem that would be governed by European Union data laws. It’s exciting following this initiative and the concept of data sovereignty. Modernization is always top of mind, assessing software and teams so we can undertake a rewrite, refactor, and replatform. Also, since I focus heavily on the manufacturing and transportation industries, I spend time keeping myself informed on the latest and greatest trends. I’m currently researching FIWARE which is an open-source platform for smart cities.

Q: Do you prefer coffee in the morning?

A: I do! Before the pandemic, my typical coffee routine included rotating between a few of my favorite local cafes within walking distance. I would set out in the morning to get my 5,000 steps in and set up my ‘office’ for the day. I live in Lausanne, Switzerland so one of my favorite cafes is located on Lake Geneva. My other go-to cafe is located uptown which offers a calming atmosphere with great jazz music playing in the background.

Jean-Paul de Vooght-Cafe

Q: What topics and/or disciplines are you most interested in?

A: A few years ago, I got really interested in sustainability and as a technologist, it’s still very applicable today. The ability to use technology to sense what’s happening in the world and contribute to sustainability issues is what drew me to this area. The concepts of mixed mobility and building information management will be coming to the forefront. I see IoT playing a big part in this as social distancing remains in place and our infrastructure systems are under stress. The fact that I get to work with clients in intelligent transportation is truly an exciting part of my day.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the day?

A: Morning. I’m definitely a morning person. As I mentioned, I get up early and head to the cafe and combine this with a 20-minute walk each way. Needless to say, the view of Lake Geneva is amazing and it’s a great spot to think as I plan out my day. I find myself contributing to content pieces and writing in the mornings which is the best time for me.

Jean-Paul de Vooght-Lake Geneva

Q: What’s the most unusual food you’ve ever eaten?

A: I had the pleasure of traveling to Hawaii and tried Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, a tropical reef triggerfish. I had not heard of it before this trip, but it was quite delicious!

Q: What has been the most favorite part of your career?

A: I really have a passion for all things IoT and enjoy that I can work in this area at Ness. It’s always been about software for me. I used to work a lot with systems integrators and start-ups. I gravitate to the software product-driven aspect of it and how I get to work closely with Chief Technology Officers.

Q: How would your 10-year old self react to what you do now?

A: My 10-year old self would be super excited about the focus of my career and my friends would agree. I’ve always loved software and writing code. I can honestly say that I enjoy what I do and there’s always something new to learn at Ness.

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