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Ness Connection: Giorgiana Dumitru

“Less is always more.” Says Giorgiana Dumitru, Marketing Specialist & Brand Ambassador, ‘Ness Digital Engineering. Giorgiana, a mother of two wonderful daughters, joined Ness amidst the pandemic two and a half years ago as the Marketing Specialist. This role offered more opportunities to exceed her limits and encouraged her to look for creative solutions.

Tell us about your professional journey.

I have spent a decade in the automotive industry with various roles ranging from after-sales Clark desk to Brand Manager for a well-known car brand. The Ness opportunity came when I was looking to change paths for growth and self-development. It was a great decision since I exceeded my expectations. People here are very supportive and open to trying new things.

What’s the one word you would use to describe Ness and why?

Success. Because if you work hard and are involved, there is no way not to achieve it.

What is the best career advice you have ever had?

When a door is closed, find an open window.

What is your passion? / Something that keeps you inspired / motivated

My passions are photography, art, interior design, fashion, music, and all the beautiful things. They inspire me to create meaningful things for the people around me.

One thing you would like to tick off your bucket list this year.

Travel more. I love to travel and discover new locations.

What is the Morning Raga that helps you to take the day head-on and conquer?

No day starts without my coffee with milk and choosing a minimalist outfit.