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Ness Connection: Cosmina Naznean

A brief intro Bio – both professional and personal

I am a dedicated HR professional with experience in Learning & Development, management, and consulting services. I developed many different L&D and HR projects by combining Engineering education (gained with an Electronics Engineering Faculty) with the Organizational Psychology specialization (post-university studies). In addition, she achieved the Certificate in Personnel Practice from CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and IC Agile Certification in Agile HR (ICP-AHR Certification).
Married, two girls representing the stars within the family universe, and friends representing the extended family.
I started to work within Ness almost four years ago (1 April 2019) as the HR Manager for the Timisoara location. Then I moved to a regional role and became L&D Leader for Europe and North America.

Tell us about your professional journey.

I started the HR journey as a Recruiter, continuing as an HR Consultant within an HR services company, working mainly with multinational companies. Then I switched from HR consulting services to running an organization by taking an HR manager role within an automotive company. After growing the company from 100 to 2500 employees, I moved to HR consulting services again, starting to work with local entrepreneurs. One day I received a call from a recruiter saying that she would like to present me with a job opening with a digital services company – which was Ness than I decided that I wanted to learn more about the digital consulting services industry and accepted the challenge and the role within Ness.

What’s the one word you would use to describe Ness and why?

When I think about Ness, one word is too little. Ambition: Ness is an ambitious organization, having the ambition and dedication to reach the Top 5 digital transformation companies. But this ambitious goal was only possible by putting people at the centre of the success formula. And Caring is another word: we care for each other, which is part of our culture. (And Perseverance would be the third word: showing such Perseverance of significant growth for ten quarters)

What is the best career advice you have ever had?

I received one of the best career advice from a very experienced Executive Coach was hidden under the question: Do your people trust you? Do you care about them? Are you competent to guide and grow them? Over time, working with teams that often demonstrated these three elements: Trust, Care, and Competency, is essential for a leader.

What are you passionate about? / Something that keeps you inspired/motivated

Simple is beauty. I look for beauty in every little thing that surrounds me: a sunset that colours the sky in unexpected shapes and shades, a flower that just bloomed at my window, beautiful faces on the street, sounds of birds in the forest, or the sound of spring in the mountain. I like to discover new places, so I travel a lot – either in other cities or countries, in nature, doing mountain hikes or bike rides. I read every day, and meeting people from the same field I work in helps me stay informed and get inspired.

One thing you would like to tick off your bucket list this year.

This year I hope for a Hot Air Balloon ride I have been planning for three years but have yet to find the right place and time. I also want to go more often with our kayak on a lake in our neighbourhoods.

What is your Morning Raga that helps you to take the day head-on and conquer?

I do not drink coffee, but I like a lot the smell of it. So, my morning starts with a big glass of water with squeezed lemon and listening to the news on the radio (I know, this is old-fashioned – news is now in our feeders on mobile phones). Then I check the weather, and if the temperature is good outdoors, I take my bike (or walk) to the office. When I work from home, I miss this outdoor pleasure. And I miss my office colleagues too.