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Ness Connection: Alija Saripova

An MBA and a mother of two beautiful kids, Alija is an avid multitasker and excels in wearing many hats with a responsible and can-do attitude. Started to work in former Risk Focus almost 5 years ago and continues her journey in Ness Digital Engineering now. Dedicated to her job and believes people are the true assets and success indicators of a company.

Tell us about your professional journey.

I started with a project management role in different fields and companies. Then, I moved to a deeper involvement in various operational processes, that led me step by step to the Operations Director role in Ness Digital Engineering for Latvia location.

What are the most promising industry trends to watch out for this year?

The survival of Blockchain technology and its continuous development in the global market is nothing less than a thrilling TV series – you can’t stop thinking about what will be in the next episode! I’m also curious to know where AI will take us this year.

What are you passionate about? / Something that keeps you inspired / motivated

Traveling, spending time abroad, and discovering new destinations during my time off keeps me motivated. Surrounding yourself with the right people is vital and committing to ongoing learning helps me stay inspired and move forward. A serene afternoon and a cozy corner at home are all I need to enjoy my reading. Playing drums and aero stretching helps me relax.

One thing you would like to tick off your bucket list this year.

Fall in love with a sport and keep at it regularly (I almost lost any hope. So I chose a trip to Iceland!)

What is the Morning Raga that helps you to take the day head-on and conquer?

Hot black tea with a dash of lemon sprinkled and Instagram with its perfect images. Often unreal but still beautiful pictures inspire me with bright ideas, and new goals start rolling in my head. I need to devise a plan and make it work, so I’m ready for a new day!