NICE Actimize AML Customers can accelerate their AML implementation with Ness’s Data Management Services

Nice Actimize

Ness is NICE Actimize’s trusted engineering partner for building its AML offering. Using our detailed understanding of NICE Actimize solutions, experience in the AML and fraud domains, and Ness’s Data Management solutions, we help companies accelerate their AML implementation initiatives and generate better return on their AML investment.

AML Managment service

Gap Assessment to Identify Enhancements in the Customer Onboarding Process

Ness will conduct a Gap Assessment to find opportunities to streamline and speed up your customer onboarding process in the context of AML. We will:
  • Analyze your existing data sources and identify gaps relative to your target data sources
  • Assess technical compatibility issues that impact your ability to leverage data within your systems and identify any customization work needed
  • Prepare a detailed execution plan for data transformation and validation to improve data quality and increase the overall efficiency of your customer onboarding process

Data Services that help accelerate the onboarding of clients to Actimize’s AML product

Ness will perform end-to-end data services to help your company more fully-leverage the capabilities of its AML solution investment. We will:
  • Perform Data Integration activities for expanding useful connectors with batch and streaming data sources
  • Establish Data Acquisition activities for structured and unstructured data that can better inform the AML process
  • Conduct Data Analysis activities related to mapping data sources and sink data models and mapping static data and reference data
  • Facilitate Data Transformation activities around normalization, cleaning, de-duplication, and entity resolution
  • Perform Data Testing & Validation activities to ensure data integrity is highly-usable for AML decisioning
  • Facilitate User Acceptance Testing activities so that stakeholders have visibility into the quality & integrity of the data ingested impacting their AML decisions
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