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Navigating Digital Disruption: Insights from Ness’ CEO, Paul Lombardo


In the middle of a burgeoning career that saw him earn prominent spots at global consultancy firms, Paul Lombardo did something unique. “I joined the Peace Corps mid-career, believe it or not, in the former Soviet Union, really helping businesses through their economic transition,” says Paul Lombardo, CEO, Ness Digital Engineering. Undoubtedly, it was through his experience that Lombardo further developed his taste for international business engagements, how to navigate digital disruption, and the growth of digital business.

In an interview with Chief Executive, Lombardo talks about the challenges that companies face with digital disruption and how Ness has been helping companies address them. He also shares his expertise on the levers companies can use to successfully navigate digital transformation.

Read the full article: https://ness.com/ness-digital-engineering-ceo-on-navigating-digital-disruption/