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Mission to Modernize eGuide


Some days it may feel like your mission to modernize your legacy apps and platforms is more like a mission to Mars. It may seem unattainable, and you can guarantee some turbulence along the way. That’s why taking extra care to assess the full scope of your organization’s needs upfront helps sustain long-term momentum.

What’s in Mission to Modernize? 

Our guide will help you plot your course, choose the right approach, and remove common roadblocks. Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the many tips:

  • Tip: When you’re thinking about rearchitecting – think about future-proofing the application against obsolescence.
  • Tip: Technology is important, but don’t focus just on this – there are other risks and priorities to keep in mind (strategy, culture, etc.).
  • Tip: Don’t treat modernization as a project, but a continuously evolving process prioritized by business value.

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