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Why Microservices Isn’t for Everyone?

Microservices architectures are quickly gaining ground and there is a lot being said about how many organizations are using it to scale up continuous delivery of their services. An increasing number of organizations are looking at adopting the architectural framework to reap its many benefits, such as quality, agility and scalability. Yet, it is important to remember that Microservices architectures may not be beneficial for everyone.

In this informative article, Moshe Kranc, CTO, Ness Digital Engineering, reveals why the Microservices architecture may not work for all organizations unless they embrace some modern software development practices and technologies.

If an organization isn’t ready to do that then “the pain of adopting Microservices projects will probably far outweigh the benefits,” he adds.

Read more.  http://sdtimes.com/thank-not-adopting-microservices/