Michelin Connected Fleet Implements Advanced Telematics Solution To Improve Fleet Management​


Case Study

Michelin Connected Fleet Implements Advanced Telematics Solution To Improve Fleet Management​

The advanced digital platform provides driver monitoring, location-based services, and integration with third-party systems for optimal fleet management.​


Michelin Connected Fleet, a division of fleet management services leader Michelin, proposed working with its subdivision Masternaut—a telematics and tracking provider—to improve fleet management of heavy and light commercial vehicles, semi-trailers, and vans. Their goal was to optimize operations, adopt a more sustainable approach, and enhance the safety and security of the people who drive fleet vehicles and the goods they transport.​


Committed to helping their customers save money and reduce risk, Michelin Connected Fleet wanted to offer an integrated Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for their telematics customers to provide connected fleet management, connected fleet integration, and driver behavior analysis and serve as the foundation for usage-based insurance. They also wanted to improve vehicle impact on the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.​


Backed by Ness’s experience with advanced telematics and fleet telematics solutions, Michelin Connected Fleet implemented an efficient PaaS system that delivered several initiatives:​

  • Vehicle and Fleet Tracking: To develop key functionalities necessary to track fleet activity online, provide an estimated time of arrival, locate stolen vehicles, check and prove the time of delivery or arrival, find the nearest vehicle for an emergency job, and receive notifications and alerts​
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring: To analyze drivers’ performance online, such as acceleration, braking, and idling, and to provide statistics about an operator’s driving and driving score through a driving smoothness algorithms​
  • Usage-based Insurance: To develop open APIs for insurance and leasing companies​


This Michelin fleet solution by Ness achieved an average cost saving of £660 ($1,000) per vehicle for their customers annually. The PaaS platform improved driver safety across connected fleet services and connected fleet integration, reducing speeding by up to 70% and exceeded sustainability goals by lowering CO2 emissions by 230,000 tons in the first year alone.


What exactly is Michelin's fleet solution offer?

Michelin fleet solution is a tire management program to support commercial fleets optimize tire performances, reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

What is telematics in fleet management?

It is the use of modern technologies such as GPD, cellular communication to monitor commercial vehicles.

How does fleet maintenance work?

It involves maintainence and repair of commercial fleets for safety and efficiency. The intent is to reduce downtime and costs to maximize lifespan of vehicles.

What is the difference between fleet management and telematics?

Fleet management is about managing commercial vehicles to enhance its profitability, efficiency and safety. Telematics is about using technology to track and monitor vehicles in real time to check its location, performance, and condition.

What is telematics for truck fleet?

This refers to the use of digital technology and systems to track and monitor commercial truck performance in real time.