Michelin Connected Fleet Ensures Accurate Fleet Management Inside ULEZs to Reduce Operating Costs


Case Study

Michelin Connected Fleet Ensures Accurate Fleet Management Inside ULEZs to Reduce Operating Costs

The solution improves route matching accuracy, especially in predefined zones.


With a commitment to best-in-class fleet management for its customers, Michelin Connected Fleet leverages the latest platforms and technology to add new features constantly. ​
The company, a division of Michelin, was using connected solutions (like Masternaut) to improve fleet management of heavy and light commercial vehicles, semi-trailers, and vans to optimize operations, improve the safety and security of goods and people, and adopt a more sustainable approach.


Michelin Connected Fleet was looking for a suitable solution to verify whether vehicles moving inside Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) or other predefined zones are accurately tracked by its platform. It is crucial to verify this because a fee is charged on vehicles that do not comply with specific emission standards while crossing into any predefined zone.


As a starting point, Ness created a POC for the ULEZ solution, adding geofencing and notification services. This step reduced the implementation time in half.​
Ness’s extensive knowledge of the HERE Navigation platform (a turnkey or customizable SaaS solution used for connected vehicles) and experience working with location-based services enabled them to quickly create a solution that supported both real-time and batch processing of inputs. The usage of preprocessed data from the HERE Navigation platform helped reduce the operating costs of the solution. It also offered higher accuracy for route matching compared to the approach initially implemented by Michelin Connected Fleet.


In addition to achieving higher accuracy in processing fleet location than the previous solution, Ness made it possible for Michelin Connected Fleet to accurately process even more extreme scenarios, all at a cost saving.