Major Music Corporation Gets In Tune with Its Data

Case Study

Major Music Corporation Gets In Tune with Its Data

The Challenge

A major music corporation was not able to process its revenue data on time to calculate the royalties to artists, respective agents, and their music labels. As the data grew exponentially from new digital businesses, it became a challenge to process all the data on time to pay out the appropriate royalties.

The Solution

Ness developed an Ingestion Processing Engine that considered the various formats of revenue data that were posted to be ingested into the new system into a common data model. Ness validated the revenue data by interfacing with the company’s system of records and references, added several enrichments to the revenue data, and ensured that the data is ready to be consumed by any downstream system that needed validation and enriched royalty data.

The Results

With this ingestion engine, the company was able to process royalties faster and process payouts to artists. This resulted in improvements to the quality of revenue and the ability to retain business from artists.