Major Financial Institution Accelerates Product Roadmap

Case Study

Major Financial Institution Accelerates Product Roadmap

The Challenge

The customer, one of the top five financial brands in the world, was facing trouble due to multiple disintegrated systems running in isolation, leading to poor time to market and a high volume of production Issues. The customer was looking for a strategic partner who can bring a high-quality and high-velocity product development team that can significantly accelerate the product roadmap.

The Solution

Ness executed an assessment by leveraging its Intelligent Engineering Maturity Model and Assessment toolkit to create an implementation roadmap to build, develop and provide seamless integration and orchestration of toolchain along with transforming the teams to leverage principles of Agile and DevOps.

The engagement consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1 – Conduct qualitative & quantitative scoring for identified teams by leveraging providers proprietary Agile, DevOps maturity model to identify patterns and provide intelligent recommendations for improvements to deliver the following
  • Overall Engineering Maturity Scoring
  • Assessment Scoring, Findings & Opportunities
  • Tool Gap Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Roadmap (Quick Wins)
  • Phase 2 – Based on the results of Phase 1, Ness prioritized the areas where transformation was most needed. Once Ness’ recommendations are implemented, the teams are then reassessed to re-establish using the Intelligent Engineering Maturity Model.

The Results

  • 150% ROI in 2 years post the transformation
  • 150+ Improvement opportunities identified
  • 15+ quick wins identified for delivering significant impact in < 4 months
  • Created an Agile Operating Model to bring business & technology teams together aligned by business goals and KPIs