Location Intelligence Platform

Case Study

Location Intelligence Platform

The Challenge

The customer is a large, popular location data platform provider. The customer wanted to extend their engineering capabilities with a long-time partner to expand their products and services portfolio, increase quality, and refactor existing services. Several innovative location intelligence solutions had to be developed, along with optimization of software engineering practices, development of custom software tools while maintaining the existing product portfolio.

The Solution

As part of this engagement of more than 10 years, through modern engineering practices, Ness was instrumental in the development and release of:

  • 2D Visual Products offered reality-based routing guidance at complex intersections or bifurcations, lane-level visualization, a realistic representation of guidance signs, and abstract illustrations of the real world, providing instant recognition to the user.
  • 3D Visual Products linked road and pedestrian networks, buildings, and landmarks for intuitive routing guidance as well as modeled real buildings, statues, and other important landmarks to reflect reality.
  • The High-definition Urban Map focused on lane detection and lane gap filtering, lane confidence automation, and metrication in edit lanes workflow
  • ADAS provided an extension of 2D digital maps with height information, adding two new attributes – curvature and slope
  • Connected Vehicle Services implemented automotive services for drivers and passengers, services for automated driving (HD live map), and Digital Transportation Infrastructure (DTI) services.

The Results

Throughout the business transformation and evolution, Ness was instrumental in developing and releasing multiple generations of products and services on time, to budget, and scope.