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Linium is Now Ness Digital Engineering

Key Synergies Under One Brand

Ness Digital Engineering, a global provider of digital transformation solutions, today announced that Linium is now fully integrated with its parent company, Ness Digital Engineering.

Since joining forces, both teams have been working to combine capabilities, develop key synergies, and deliver dynamic customer interactions and business operations platforms. This unification helps Ness reach a shared vision of providing business value and positive outcomes to our customers. “We are excited about the extended capabilities and end-to-end expertise we have been able to offer together by integrating services,” said Joe Burke, president of North America for Ness. “This unification represents much more than an integration of names – it is indicative of the unique expertise that has been pulled from both companies to help our clients elevate employee experiences and reshape the future of customer engagement.”

With Ness’s deep expertise in software engineering, platform development, and modernization operating in tandem with Linium’s expertise in ServiceNow, the joining of the companies has enabled Ness to deliver comprehensive end-to-end solutions in digital enablement that are unique to this brand as a result of our combined capabilities. For example, organizations typically have all the information they need to deliver high quality customer service interactions within the business in various systems. Ness’s solution consumes these sources and uses machine learning to discover and add the structure lacking in the raw data – making all this information available to customer service agents and automated virtual agents. As a result, ServiceNow Virtual Agent can now handle a wide range of customer questions and issues automatically, freeing customer service agents to concentrate on high value-add customer interactions. These unique synergies between Linium and Ness under one brand provide its customers with better business performance through novel, highly effective uses of data and technologies while achieving scale, driving growth and enabling modernization.

To learn more about this exciting news and Ness Digital Engineering’s ServiceNow practice capabilities, please visit www.ness.com/capabilities/servicenow-practice.