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Let’s digitalize the community together!

Case Studies - Ness Digital Engineering

This year we’ve decided we are going to celebrate our anniversary in a special way.

We’re getting involved in digitalizing our community through organizing the NessTech Community Challenge Hackathon! This way, our fifth-anniversary celebration will be transformed into a legacy that will remain within the local community and impact our lives for the better.

The hackathon will have two Challenges to solve: a mainly Back-End one (but not only Back-End) and a mainly Front-End one (but not only Front-End – just to keep things interesting), raised by two local entities that you will know all about when the time comes.

We aim at creating an environment in which young tech talents (and not only) will be able to do what they love (coding, developing, designing) while contributing to the digitalization of our local community. We’ll have some goodies, prizes, and of course – public recognition for these talents – it might come in handy when trying to build a portfolio for future references.

The hackathon will start on the 25th of June when everyone who signed up with an idea will pitch it (presenting it) in front of the other participants. A team-formation session will take place afterward, where if you don’t have an idea, but you have the skills, you can join one of the existing ideas/teams right there on the spot.

On the 26th of June, there will be time for work and mentorship sessions, and then some more work.

On the 27th of June, we’ll start the day with some fresh mentorship, followed by the teams adding the final touches to their ideas, and then presenting them in front of a jury that will select the best two ideas/track. The selected teams will have the chance to work on their ideas throughout the summer, for the final prize of 2000 eur/track!

If you like how this sounds, join us (right here https://forms.gle/1YqesuD96U9nCfWQ9), and let’s digitalize the community together!

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