Ness Košice reaches the milestone of 600 employees

More than 15 years long history, more than 20 global leaders as customers, and more than 600 employees working in a unique and stable environment. Ness in Košice celebrates another remarkable success!

Marek Uhrín, Managing Director Vice President, Ness Košice: “Despite the pandemic significantly affecting our lives, we are fortunate enough, Software Engineering industry not being impacted as much as many other areas. In the second half of the last year, we were able to grow thanks to extraordinary business relationships, quality of our work, and mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners and customers. In addition, our prime references attracted new businesses on top of our already growing portfolio. Reaching 600 employees was inevitable. Given the circumstances, I consider this the biggest regional success of Ness, proving our strong position once again. It’s only to regret, we can’t yet celebrate this milestone as we are used to, but I am sure that day is coming soon!”

Ness is ready for further growth in 2021 too, and with the first months behind us already, we are already seeing the new interest of prospective candidates.


Marek Uhrín: “Ness offers a unique mixture of several aspects and culture, which are highly valued by software engineers. We’ve got hundreds of attractive high-end projects and dozens of world-class brands as customers. We provide a long-term stable environment and the highest standards of employees welfare, with company culture supporting family life. We continue to be hungry for reaching further milestones, acknowledging we must build it on roots that we represent, but also continuing in constant and rapid change and adaptation to a new reality. I am deeply thankful to all the colleagues in Košice, as well as all the corporate level support. This success belongs to all of us.”

Reaching such an important milestone deserves proper celebrations. Celebrating 500 employees a few years ago was already a big do, Nessians in Košice enjoyed several events, signed a brand new but now legendary Fiat 500 named “Nessy” and the head of recruitment tried skydiving…

Stanislav Mucha, Marketing and PR Director Ness Košice: “We’ll stay loyal to our own style and we’ve prepared an extraordinary campaign and a series of activities spanning to the end of June. Instead of paying for expensive and becoming less effective media space, we decided to help the community in these rocky times. Of course, we will not forget Nessians.”

Even though most of the activities realization is limited by pandemic restrictions, “We will launch the particular activities as soon as the situation allows that”, says Stanislav Mucha, “for example:” 600 minutes of fun for the kids – a series of funny/educational shows; 600 minutes of gym lessons for elementary schools; 600 minutes of IT workshops with various content; special thanks-giving to all medical staff fighting the pandemic; 600 Euro vouchers to selected non-profit organizations; 600 gifts for our employees. We will keep publishing the updates related to the activities above in our communication channels…”

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Ness Košice reaches the milestone of 600 employees

More than 15 years long history, more than 20 global leaders as customers, and more than 600 employees...

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