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Headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, our client, a subsidiary of famous black-and-yellow Caterpillar Inc., is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial turbines, with more than 15,000 units and over 2 billion operating hours all over the world. Turbines are used in many areas e.g:

  • Pipeline transmission of natural gas and crude oil
  • Generation of electricity (for example, 1 turbine can supply electricity for approximately 20 000 households)
  • Production of thermal energy for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Ness KDC team has more than 90 IT specialists. We develop web, mobile and desktop applications which are used by both Solar personnel and their end customers. These applications serve Solar personnel in the process of acquisition and monitoring various data from turbine which help monitoring critical turbine parameters such as temperature, vibrations or rotations in order to predict turbine behaviour and avoid possible operational outage.

We have established a good working partnership with Solar and became essential part of the Solar IT team. Check 6 reasons, why it’s great to join the team


The teams at this project work with a wide range of technologies and frameworks. For development of Python 3 apps we use Django, uWSGI, NGINX, Jupyter, Pandas.

Responsive front-end design of web and mobile applications is based on AngularJS, HighCharts, React, Redux, Webpack.

Our back-end services run on Java, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, QueryDSL, as well as ASP.Net MVC 5,  .NET 4.6, DevExtreme.

For the Big Data analysis and the development of algorithms we use Hadoop, HBase, OpenTSDB, Apache Spark, Kafka.

For development, testing and operations we also use AWS, Amazon DynamoDB, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Docker, Redis, Git, Rally, Nexus, Jenkins, Visual Studio 2015, ReadyAPI, Sahi Pro, Jmeter and much more.

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Office 2020

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