Ness solutions for Smart Machines help companies identify and execute the best opportunities to use machine-sourced data and the Internet of Things to improve quality, enhance the customer experience and differentiate from competitors.

Client challenges that we solve

  • How are the company’s assets performing, and where can we improve asset efficiency?
  • What proactive actions can we take to improve product quality and prevent service disruptions?
  • What value-added services can our company offer around the solutions we sell and the data they generate?
  • How can the company make it easier for users to interact with our products and understand the insights machines provide?
  • How can we better route physical assets or service personnel to optimize operations?

Smart Machines solutions

Real-Time Data Visualization & Machine Monitoring

Creating data-based visualizations and services to enable real-time diagnostics and remote service management

Condition-Based Maintenance

Reducing operational costs and downtime by scheduling machine maintenance only when sensors detect specified conditions

Predictive Analytics

Using sensor-generated data to predict problems and initiate actions to reduce machine failure

New Information-Based Products

Transforming data into new revenue streams, such as a service for analyzing machine usage data to reduce energy consumption




Solutions for Smart Machines

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Contact us to learn more

Ness likes to work collaboratively with its customers, so please ask us questions if you would like to learn more about our services. We look forward to answering them.
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